What does “Full Size Run” mean and how does it affect conversion ratios and sales?

In the world of e-commerce, having a full size run of a product can make a big difference in terms of conversion ratios and sales. But what exactly does “full size run” mean, and how does it impact a business’s bottom line?

What is a Full Size Run?

A full size run refers to a complete set of available sizes of a particular product. For example, if a clothing retailer has a full size run of a particular shirt, it would mean that they have all sizes of that shirt available for purchase, ranging from extra small to extra large (and possibly even larger sizes, depending on the retailer and the specific product).

Why is a Full Size Run Important?

There are a few key reasons why a full size run can be crucial for e-commerce businesses:

Lower Bounce Rate

When a customer shops a collection, or Product Listing Page, and finds one or multiple products that don’t have the customer’s size, they more often than not, leave.

Increased Availability

One of the main benefits of having a full size run is that it increases the availability of a product for customers. When a retailer has all sizes of a product in stock, it means that customers are more likely to find their desired size, which can increase the chances of a sale. Customers may be less likely to purchase a product if they cannot find their size, even if they are interested in the product itself.

Greater Appeal to a Wider Audience

A full size run can also make a product more appealing to a wider audience, as it caters to people of different sizes and shapes. This can lead to higher sales and conversion ratios, as more people are able to find a product that fits them well.

Better Inventory Management

Having a full size run can also help retailers manage their inventory more efficiently. By anticipating demand for different sizes and ensuring that they have a sufficient supply to meet that demand, retailers can prevent stock-outs and ensure that customers can find the sizes they need. This can lead to higher conversion ratios and overall sales.

Overall, having a full size run can be an important factor in e-commerce, as it can help increase the availability and appeal of a product, leading to higher conversion ratios and sales. By considering the importance of a full size run and how it can impact their business, retailers can make strategic decisions to ensure they are meeting the needs of their customers and maximizing their sales potential.

The Importance of Merchandising

This is why it’s crucial for e-commerce stores to continually merchandise their collections to ensure that products with full, or close to full size runs are displayed prominently. Product collections with the top row (above the fold) products with little inventory, specifically in popular sizes, will under perform from a conversion ratio (CX) and be a leading exit point on the merchant’s website.

Automation of Merchandising

If you’re like me, and many e-commerce managers I know, you don’t love doing repetitive tasks on a set schedule (and more in high volume periods like BF/CM). Checking hundreds of products in dozens of collections is tedious, but necessary work. Luckily, along with the rock star team at Wick Creative, we’ve created a Shopify App to automate this and other collection merchandising for the masses.


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