Challenge Accepted.

We should all be pushing the limits of modern e-commerce, let me be your partner in finding out what’s truly possible.


Shopify is The future

Shopify is now a fully matured, highly extensive solution for Fortune 500 brands and startups alike. Headless e-commerce, business process automation, and hyper-personalized customer journeys are what’s next for e-commerce.

Read on to discover a few of the “impossibles” that have been solved lately.



Process Automation

Kynship, the leading influencer seeding company for Shopify, needed to automate influencer seeding order creation at scale. Together, we created an app to simplify the order creation process and tightly integrated it with Shopify’s fulfillment solutions as well as order tracking and reporting.

It worked so well, we opened it up as a public app on the Shopify App Store. The Kynship app now processes hundreds of orders a day for dozens of brands, effectively cutting time required by an order of magnitude.

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mountain khakis

Solutions Architecture

What has more than three variant options and greater than 99 variants on Shopify? is what.

MK needed to be able to showcase products with Fit, Waist, Inseam, and Color attributes for variants, and their products were going to have much more than the Shopify maximum of 99 variants.

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Inventory Automation

A Large Apparel Merchant

The suspense! We can’t name names, but a large apparel outlet contracted us to automate their inventory integration to show near real-time stock levels from 13 different suppliers, all on different API schemas, with many concurrent brands.

Daily process automation involves fetching, parsing,and 400,000+ inventory items from suppliers and updating our client’s 3000+ products to show accurate inventory status to their customers.