Geo Targeted Product Cross Selling on Shopify With Bought Near Me

2023 will be the year that shopping personalization becomes ubiquitous and necessary for merchants to implement to stay relevant and competitive. Let’s have a look at how the Bought Near Me app for Shopify makes one part of any personalization strategy very easy.

Why Personalization in Shopping Matters

Personalization is important in e-commerce merchandising because it can help to improve the customer’s shopping experience and engagement by showing them products that are more relevant to their interests. Personalization should:

  • Improve the customer’s shopping experience by showing highly relevant products
  • Increase the likelihood of making a purchase
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Help e-commerce brands stand out from competitors by providing a unique, tailored shopping experience

Bought Near Me Displays Relevancy Through Geo-correlation

What if you could show your customers what’s purchased most frequently near them, on the fly?

Bought Near Me mines your Shopify Store’s existing purchase history to promote products most frequently near your customers, offering them unique product recommendations that increase conversions and AOV. Marine products (shown below), gardening supplies, culinary items, and even soft goods are highly variable in purchase categories throughout the globe – the use cases for this highly targeted personalization is endless.

Example of Two Shoppers’ Locations

Easily Customizable and No Code Install

Bought Near Me makes it easy for even non-technical merchants to install, customize, and brand the product recommendations widget:

  • Customize the colors to be on brand
  • Choose how many products to recommend
  • Add To Cart button, View Details, or both displayed
  • Limit product recommendation data to certain number of days
  • Display recommendations as in grid view or as a slideshow

No Risk Free Trial + Great Suppport!

Bought Near Me offers a 7 day free trial – how many sales and upsells are you missing that you could be capturing so why not try it out today?

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