Diffy: Shopify Theme Comparison / Diff Checker

Compare theme files the easy way

Stuck with two or more themes that are different, but can’t figure out where?

Run a Diff Check (File Comparison) on any or all of your theme files between two themes with the click of a button, all without leaving the Shopify Admin.


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All Files Compared

Diffy will compare liquid, javascript, html, json, image, svg, and css/scss files automatically, including your themes’ settings files and locales.

Theme Development Made Easy

No version control or not sure what that is? It’s ok, Diffy makes keeping track and merging theme changes easy. The app will show you code additions, removals, and changes with links directly to the theme files in your Shopify store’s theme editor.

Choose By Folder or All Files

Quickly select Layouts, Snippets, Config, Assets, Templates, Sections, or Locales if you know where you are looking for differences, or choose All Files and Diffy will do a theme comparison on all files.

No Limits

No limits on theme comparisons, number of themes, or usage. Ever.

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