Cross-sell Magic

Shopify Product Recommendation App

Cross-sell magic helps customers find additional products on your Shopify store that they are most likely to love and purchase which helps store owners increase their Average Order Value (AOV) and improve customer experience.


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Highly relevant product recommendations to increase sales and average order value within minutes.
Your store is different, and your recommendations engine should be too. Maximize revenue and conversion by easily offering related products and cross-sells to your customers.

Tailored Recommendations For Your Store
Our machine learning algorithm selects recommendations for your store by analyzing product, collection, and order data to optimize product recommendations and then learns what’s most effective over time with your customers.

No Code Install
Easily install on your store without having to edit your store’s theme code. Embed recommendations on your product pages, home page, cart page, and many more with the click of a button.

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Recommendations are chosen are a mix of products:

  • Purchased together
  • Purchased together with items in the customer’s cart
  • Purchased together with items customer has viewed
  • With shared collections
  • With shared vendor
  • With shared product type
  • With shared product tags
  • Recommended by the Recommendations API

Set it once and forget it, or choose your own selection criteria easily from these eight metrics.

Mobile Friendly
Recommendations display perfectly on phones, tablets, and all touch devices.

Complete Functionality
Full product option selection with changing prices and images, personalization based upon customer’s cart contents and views, as well as event and conversion tracking viewable in the app dashboard.

Measure Success
The in-app dashboard allows you to easily track progress and growth tracking revenue, average order value, recommendations displayed, product clicks, and products added to cart.

Choose number of products, columns, optional view and add-to-cart buttons, callout text, grid or slideshow, color scheme, and more for both the embedded and popup recommendations.

Built To Scale
Optimized store code and processing servers built for highly trafficked stores with large product catalogs and order volume.

Easy Installation + Incredible Support
Turn on the popup recommendations and they work. Paste a snippet in your theme and the embedded widget displays. There is how-to-use documentation right in the app. Have trouble installing, or anything else? Just ask, we’re happy to help!

Automatic Installation

Popup Recommendations and Analytics

The popup recommendations and analytics begin working as soon as you install the Cross-sell Magic app and enable it.

Embedded Recommendations

You may install the code snippet to display the recommendations on as many themes and templates as you wish.

  1. Go to the Embed tab of this app
  2. Scroll to the “Embedded Widget” section, and select the theme in which you would like it to display.
  3. Click the “Install” button to the right of the template(s) in which you would like it installed.
  4. After a few seconds it should be installed, and will give you the option to remove it if you wish to do so.

Manual Installation

Installing the Embedded Recommendations Code Snippet

  1. Login to your Shopify account and go to Themes under Online Store on the left sidebar.
  2. Under your live theme, or a duplicate theme, click the drop down next to the theme title labeled “Actions.”
  3. Next, click “Edit Code” under the drop down.
  4. Once the code editor displays, select the “Search Files” input box, and type in “product.” On most themes you will see a file named “product-template.liquid” under Sections or “product.liquid” under Templates. Choose the former if you have both, the latter if it’s the only one of the two files above.
  5. Paste the following code snippet near the bottom the file, but above anything that says “{% schema %}”, and click save at the top right of your screen.

    <div class="immersive-embedded-recommendations"></div>

  6. Optionally, follow steps 4 and 5 to place the recommendations on your cart page, home page, or any other template or section in your store’s theme.
  7. Go to Apps on the left sidebar, select Cross-sell Magic, and click on the Embed tab. Enable the Embedded Recommendations and click save to display them.
  8. Now go any product page on your website, and you will see the embedded recommendations displaying.